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Caffeine Bodycream Benefits:

• A stimulating all-over body firming formula – powered by caffeine and a mega-blend of botanicals – to visibly tighten, tone and smooth.
• Helps improve tone and texture with quick and targeted delivery; helps smooth skin for improved body contour
• Feel skin tighten as it begins to look instantly smoother and firmer
• Works best in combination with healthy eating and exercise
• Increases circulation and reduces water retention.
• Help to release toxins.
120 g / 4.23 OZ

Lipo Reductor Gel:
A total body slimdown gel with all the right ingredients to tone your body. Blended with natural ingredients that help boost circulation and hydrate skin. Apply as a pre-workout stimulator in your stomach or other trouble areas to feel the burn and aid in your weight loss goals. Combine with a healthy diet and soon you’ll have those sweet abs of steel you’ve been working for.

• STIMULATE YOUR SKIN: Made to slim that beautiful body to its best shape. It acts as a fat burner with powerful ingredients that breakdown fats within your skin to tighten and tone, reducing cellulite and troublesome bumps. These toning properties leave areas like belly, arms, legs and overall skin smooth and toned.
• ALL-IN-ONE FORMULA: Our Gel is an all-in-one, premium body toning cream with a powerful, high-quality blend of active ingredients like Caffeine, Ginseng Extract, Guarana Seed, Aloe Vera and Menthol. Our unique formulation is vegan, paraben free, not-tested on animals and is made with Non-GMO ingredients.
• MAKE THE MOST OF IT: just apply a spoonful amount of product into stubborn fat areas like lower abs, back of legs, and booty. Massage the gel in circular motions moving upward for about 30 seconds. You can apply during the morning or at night before going to bed, our natural ingredients absorb rapidly with no sticky residue. You will feel a thermogenic effect immediately.

120 g / 4.23 OZ

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