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Image of Velcro Belt + Sport Short 2x1

Velcro Belt + Sport Short 2x1

$60.00 USD - On sale

***REGULAR PRICE $60 each **

LATEX / VELCRO FIT BELT will have your waist, stomach & back looking amazing. This is a unisex fitness product which burns belly & back fat, sheds excess water and shrinks waist size....all while allowing your abs to be more visible. It allows you to spot train your stomach, back & waist. The belt is safe & very comfortable to wear at bed time. Burns calories while you're sleeping.
• Unisex
• Burns 150 calories in 40 minutes
• Burns belly & back fat
• Reduces & shrink waist size
• Sheds water weight
• Adjustable straps
• Allows AB muscles to be more visible
• Spot trains stomach, waist & back
• Works immediately
• Great for working out
• Wear under clothing
• Increases blood circulation
• Keeps muscles nice & warm
• Supports lower back for weight lifting
• Airport/Travel Comfortable
• Comfortable for bed time, shopping & doing household chores


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